Doxometry: Glossary

Updated list of terms

Blurr (The )

situation of multiplicity of normative unreconciled accounts

Blurry Cauldron

fancy name for totality of human beliefs


an utterance / speech act (OIC) that has as its objects OICs

Object-idea-class (OIC) 

an umbrella term for anything. All English substantives necessarily fall into this category. The 'object' part underlines two things. First, the part of OICs which are physical objects: 'chair', 'bottle', etc. Second, our ability to manipulate them, categorize, modify, etc - in a sarxastic way. The idea part similarly accounts for OICs which we could say 'are just in our brain': 'ephemerality' 'consensuality', etc.

The 'class' stands for the property of OICs to contain within themselves and belong to lower- and higher-order OICs.

After some examination, lines get blurry, interpretations differ widely - this umbrella term subsumes all, easing debates on terminology.

Note: OIC is used interchangeably with 'class', 'category', 'statement'. 'property' with 'tag'

Philosopher's dream

idealized condition for humanity, utopia where every person has a sage status; that is has had reconciled all possible beliefs and assigned epistemic status (in a Boolean scheme or any other logic)


in a physical way, positing embedded character of human thinking. (from Greek 'sarx' - meat).